Parking at Blue Skies

Parking on the road

On the road again -
Just can't wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is making music with my friends
And I can't wait to get on the road again.

Parking at Blue Skies is in four field lots, as well as the south side of the road. Upon your arrival, a volunteer with a walkie-talkie, an orange vest, and a big smile will direct you to a spot, based on what we have available. Parking for your vehicles is on a first come, first serve basis.

Blue Skies is not responsible for any damages that may occur while onsite.

If you are considering bringing a trailer or a camping van, know that we have limited space. Nothing over 18 feet long will be admitted and camping on the road is illegal. If we are full, this is not an option. Please be respectful of this and bring a tent in case your trailer doesn't fit.

Sooooo how does it work?

If you're coming to Blue Skies for the first time, here's what you need to know:

Generally, there will be a line. Once you turn onto Clarendon Road, slow down and be prepared to stop. If you wish to unload your gear on site in the inner lot, just sit tight! If you want to park and carry your gear in from the lot, stay in the line until you connect with a Parking Volunteer. They'll be wearing an orange vest and have a walkie-talkie. Don't worry, they'll be along! Then they can radio to see if it's clear to send you where you need to go.

If you have chosen the option of inner lot, you will eventually get in, unload (15 minutes max!) and drive out again to park in a lot or on the road. Again, there will be a friendly volunteer to assist you in this.

Blue Skies Parking Tips for Success!

  • Carpool. Please do that. It reduces the number of cars, and more people get a spot in the lots. You can even make new friends! There is a Facebook page called, “Blue Skies Car Pool”.
  • Car Cuddle. Get that car as close as you can to the one next to you. This also helps us get more cars in the lots.
  • If you are in line and moving camping gear down to the gate by foot, please leave someone with your car who can drive it. Children don't count!
  • No carts past the gate. No matter what anyone tells you, you cannot do this.
  • If you are entering the inner lot to unload, please remember the line of eager Blue Skiers behind you. There is a 15 minute time limit in the inner parking lot. Please respect this.
  • Don't park between the pylons. Be good neighbours and don’t block the neighbours’ driveways.
  • Slow down there, Dale Jr! The road is twisty with lots of children walking about. Please keep your auto speed to a minimum.
  • Since our parking is limited, many people park on the road. This can extend for several kilometers, so we would suggest that you leave your stilettos at home.
  • Note that parking is on the south side of the road only. NO EXCEPTIONS EVER. Please do not make us deal with this as an issue - we must keep the road clear for emergency vehicles.

If you are coming for the weekend

  • You will receive a parking pass (technical term for a post-it note) with your last name and a big "W" on it.
  • If you are coming for the weekend and don't need to get your car until mid afternoon on Monday, you can request an "M." Please note that we really mean that. Your car will be blocked in for the entire weekend. Other than goodwill and a Blue Skies version of the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, we have no way of getting cars out of your way early. On the bright side, this means you will be in P1, the closest parking lot to the site.
  • Please note that you must have a weekend pass ticket to receive a "W" or "M" parking pass.

If you are coming for the day

  • You will receive a parking pass with your last name and a capital "D" on it.
  • Dedicated parking lot (P2) just for people with day passes. There are about 75 spaces in this lot.
  • Occasionally, people in the lots leave to go swimming, pick up more supplies, etc. just as you arrive. This is known as the "Blue Skies Lotto Jackpot." It is rare, it is fleeting, and oh so sweet when it happens to you. Sadly, it most likely will not. Generally, parking is on the road.

Accessible Parking

We try very hard to accommodate those needing special parking areas. Our accessible parking is located in the front of P1. There is still a walk down a level, wide road to get to the festival. For very special circumstances, we have put vehicles in the inner lot but this is kept to a bare minimum. If you arrive at the festival and need accessible parking, just let a Parking Volunteer know and they will do their best to accommodate you.


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