The Blue Skies Kitchen

A note from the Cookshack!

For decades, the Blue Skies Kitchen (aka Cookshack) has been serving amazing meals for festival goers at decent prices, prepared with heaps of love and buckets of dedication.

The menu changes year-to-year, but our current standards include pulled pork, samosas and a plethora of salads for lunch, and grilled chicken, burgers, chickpea curry, roasted potatoes and much more for dinner. We also serve pizza after 8, and it goes fast!

We offer a variety of items that suit special dietary needs, but we can’t guarantee absolute freedom from allergens (including gluten) in any of our food.

Our hours (Saturday and Sunday):

  • 7 AM(ish) — Coffee
  • 11 AM – 2 PM — Lunch
  • 5 PM – 7 PM — Dinner
  • 8 PM — sellout - Late night pizza

We'll be serving coffee on Monday morning as well to help fuel your packing up!

We implore everyone, especially folks coming on day passes, to please bring your own dishes and cutlery. We can't serve curry or cheesecake on a Frisbee or your hand.


Sarah and Christian (co-Hats)






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