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Blue Skies Waltz Lyrics Contest

Deadline: September 15, 2022

Over the years, many of us have enjoyed dancing or at least listening to our very own Blue Skies Fiddle Orchestra play the wonderful Blue Skies Waltz written by Kirk Elliott about 25 years ago. It is finally time to dress it up with some lyrics, so we are holding a Blue Skies waltz Lyrics Contest. Submissions are due by September 15, 2022. They will be judged by a celebrity panel of Carolyn Stewart, Kirk Elliott and Magoo. The winning entry will have its World Premiere Performance at Blue Skies 50 in 2023.

Try these links:
runs 14:54
The story of the Blue Skies Fiddle Orchestra, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020.  The Fiddle orchestra is a major part of the Blue Skies festival's support of music and arts in the Frontenac and Lanark area. This video interviews the Orchestra's founding director, Carolyn Stewart and the current director, Cindy McCaul. Determined to continue the tradition of playing the Blue Skies Waltz for every Blue Skies festival, the Fiddle Orchestra members separately recorded their parts and they proudly share this socially-distanced version of the Blue Skies Waltz. 

runs 4:34
The Blue Skies Waltz, just the socially-distanced version from the longer video above. The Blue Skies Fiddle Orchestra plays the BS Waltz at every Blue Skies, original score by Kirk Elliott and harmony by Carolyn Stewart.

runs 8:10
The Blue Skies Waltz Lyric Contest. Calling all musicians and musician-wannabees!! Write the Lyrics for The Blue Skies Waltz contest.

Please send your submissions to 50years@blueskiesmusicfestival.ca.

Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra Online Auction

April 30 – May 15, 2022

The Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra is hosting an Online Auction April 30th to May 15th. Our amazing fun-raising volunteers, local artisans, musicians, businesses, and farmers have kindly donated items to raise funds to maintain our programs and start a new beginner class in the fall.

For more information on the Fiddle orchestra visit our Facebook page or contact Cindy McCall at 613-278-2448  or by email cindy.fiddlemusic.mccall@gmail.com


Blue Skies In Just Six Words

Notice anything about this title?  It’s made of just six words.  That’s what we’d like you to try.  Can you sum up a Blue Skies experience in just six words?

Food on the camp fire.  Yum!
Friends and music.  The August sun.
Late night jams.  Early morning coffee.
The tye-die workshop is a blast.

See what we mean? 
We’re collecting these mini-missives for the upcoming 50th Anniversary book.  Please give wing to your poetic soul and share what springs forth.

Please help celebrate Blue Skies’ 50th by emailing us at 50years@blueskiesmusicfestival.ca



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