Special Info for Day Passers

  • Day Passes purchased on line are not mailed. When you arrive at Blue Skies your name(s) will be on a list at the gate indicating the number of passes purchased for each day.
  • Before purchasing Day Passes please consider that any gathering of this size will include some folks unknowingly infected with COVID-19.
  • We will follow KFL&A’s lead re: COVID-19 plus we encourage wearing the best possible mask (that you bring with you) when close to people. Please screen for symptoms and stay home if you are not well. If you develop COVID-19 symptoms, you need to mask immediately, distance yourself from others and identify your need to leave for COVID-19 related reasons to 1st Aid. They will explain how you should proceed. As you are leaving, remain masked until you get to your vehicle. As always, be kind, be respectful and keep yourself and others safe.
  • Youth 17 and under must be accompanied by, and enter with, an adult who is responsible for them or they will not be admitted. ID is required if requested at the gate.
  • All festival attendees enter grounds at their own risk.
  • P2 Parking Lot is reserved for day pass use. First come first parked. There are 75-80 spots and when the parking lot is full, people park on the road. This line can extend for several kilometers.
  • Pack light. You will be trekking over beautiful little hills and valleys. Bring a flash light.
  • There are no credit, debit or ATM services on site, except at the music store, which accepts credit cards for purchases only. You may want to bring cash for T-Shirts, mugs, ice, or meals at the cook-shack. If using the cook-shack, bring your own dishes and utensils as disposables are not sold on site.
  • There are no cell phone or other e-devices charging stations on site. If you need to stay connected, please bring your own portable charging device that does not need to be plugged in.
  • Some potable water is available on site while supplies last. Please supplement this supply by bringing water from home in refillable containers.
  • Blue Skies Cooling Stations are icy cold showers that can be used for a brief (and very nippy) cool down.
  • Visit the Info Booth to find the volunteer sign up boards, mailing list sign-up sheets, programs, lost and found and friendly volunteers.
  • Low backed chairs or blankets are best for evening concert viewing. Folks using high backed chairs are asked to locate at the top and extreme sides of the main stage area to avoid interfering with others’ view.
  • Please bring all of your regular medications, including Epi-pens if you have anaphylactic allergies.
  • Ticks love Blue Skies too. Educate yourself, take precautions, check for them … on you.
  • No dogs. Certified Service Animals are welcome.
  • You can bring in alcohol on a day pass within reason. A moderate amount? Sure. Enough for the weekend? Not so much. Security will make a judgment call on what is too much, and we would like to remind anyone coming in on a day pass of the dangers of drinking and driving. And, as always, no glass is allowed on the Hill.
  • If you are found possessing or selling illegal drugs you will be escorted from the site and you will not be welcomed back.
  • There are shady areas along the edge of the large field and among the trees (except behind the Kids’ Area where the land is regenerating) to plunk your blanket down. All tarps welcome you when it rains. We ask that you not set up for the day in fire lanes, on pathways, or in workshop areas, (including the TIPI).
  • Fire pits are communal and located throughout the festival site. Firewood is provided. To reduce the risk of accidental introduction of damaging forest pests, do not bring firewood onto the site. Day Pass folks are encouraged to join in at any campfire.
  • If there is a fire ban, there will be no open flames (no candles, lanterns or fire pits). Please prepare alternatives in this event.
  • The Kid’s Area is kid nirvana but it’s not a babysitting service. If you have young children at the festival please supervise them closely. Join in the music and games.
  • We try very hard to accommodate those needing special parking areas. Our accessible parking is located in the front of P1. There is still a walk down a level, wide road to get to the festival. For very special circumstances, we have put vehicles in the inner lot but this is kept to a bare minimum. If you arrive at the festival and need accessible parking, let a Parking Volunteer know and they will do their best to accommodate you. Before you come, please contact Ellen at accessibility@blueskiesmusicfestival.ca with questions related to accessibility for attendees with disabilities or different abilities.
  • We are celebrating a garbage free festival!
    There will be NO GARBAGE collection.
    We will have our central RECYCLING and COMPOST stations located at inner parking -- what is brought in must be taken out! Whatever you bring to the festival – please bring it home again. Plan ahead.


    Enjoy the Music
    Welcome your Neighbours
    Take care of Each Other and the Land

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