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Weekend Camping

Trekking your gear in and out of the festival

To lessen our impact on the Blue Skies site, cars are not allowed on site. When you arrive you will drive into the inner parking lot to unload – using one of our spiffy hand carts to bring your gear to your campsite.

Please make sure to return the cart as quickly as possible. All those people in line behind you are waiting to get their stuff in too.

When packing up on Monday, the same applies only backwards – cart your stuff down to the inner parking lot and pack your car there. No carts are allowed off the festival site!

Blue Skies takes no responsibility for any damage to, or loss from, camping gear or vehicles, in the parking lots, on the site or on the roadways.

Critters and Blue Skies

We gather here for one glorious weekend a year. The rest of the time, it’s home to a huge variety of critters large and small. From dragonflies and butterflies to raccoons and deer, and even bears, the Blue Skies site is a rich and fertile habitat.

This means we have to be a little aware. Critters love to eat, and the easier we make it for them, the more they’ll come to visit. Here are some things that can help:

  • keep all food in a sealed cooler or container, especially overnight
  • carefully store your garbage at your campsite in a way that critters can’t get at it
  • bring your compost and recycling to the central depot a couple of times a day
  • wash your dishes regularly
  • make your tent a food free zone, and keep all those lovely smelling toiletries, including toothpaste and shampoo, in a well sealed container outside of your tent

It's not good for us, or the critters, if we let them think of Blue Skies as one big yummy smorgasbord.


We have several communal fire-pits sprinkled around the site. Great for cooking on, jamming around and generally getting together and meeting your neighbours.

If there is a fire ban, there will be no open flames (no candles, lanterns or fire pits). Please make sure you have alternatives for cooking and lighting.

Fire safety is really important in our lovely natural setting. Please keep fires small and make sure there’s always someone looking after them. The same goes for candles, cook stoves and other flame sources. Never leave any flame unattended or drop a butt on the ground. A fire will ruin everyone’s Blue Skies experience.


All the water at Blue Skies comes from a single well. We have good drinking water, but it’s not a limitless supply. Please be frugal with your water usage and bring your own from home in a refillable container.


Cubes and blocks are available for purchase, just down from the Cook Shack.