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A Bit About Accessibility at Blue Skies

Blue Skies is a very special experience, and we want to share it with as many folks as we can. We do our best to make sure that people of all ages and abilities enjoy our little slice of magic.  Our organizers and volunteers are trained to assist when necessary those with special needs and we continue to work our little buns off to make things better.

The Terrain

However, there are certain things we can't do anything about. Blue Skies takes place on a very rugged piece of Ontario wilderness. The ground is hilly and uneven and the facilities, such as they are, are rustic (to say the least.)

Limited Water and Electricity

Both water and electricity are seriously limited -- outhouses, no hot water, no electricity for personal use, except for a few outlets to recharge medical devices.

Certified Service Animals Welcome

While generally dogs are not welcome at Blue Skies, we do welcome certified service animals.

Admission Fee for Support People

Blue Skies charges support people the same admission fees as other festival goers.

Contact us for More Information

We want to make Blue Skies an enjoyable experience for people of all abilities. We now have an Accessibility Coordinator who can be contacted related to accessibility for attendees with disabilities or different abilities…

  • Before or after the festival contact Ellen by email at
  • During the festival through the Info Booth.

Please Share your Thoughts

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about making Blue Skies more accessible, please chat with the folks at the Info Booth, share your ideas at the Monday Meeting, or get in touch with the Accessibility Coordinators.

If you would like more information view our Accessibility Policy.

Let's make Blue Skies as good as it can be for as many people as we can.